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Zen World

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Welcome to ZenAcademy, your home in the metaverse.

We have no roadmap. Instead, we have a mission:

To cultivate a community of excellent humans. To empower them with the tools, opportunities, and network to excel in web3 and beyond.

There's a place for everyone at the academy. Whether you're just starting out, whether you're an artist, a dev, project founder, or a self professed degen

We're here for you; we're here for everyone.

— Zeneca, Founder

Student IDs


The Student ID is your ticket to the ZenAcademy community. They are free, soulbound, and customizable. Recite the Pledge and claim your ID.


The Summoning Circle

It is now time to continue your journey and summon your Denizen, your new identity as ZenAcademy member.

There are three communities that make up the ZenAcademy ecosystem, Students, Denizens, and The 333 Club Members. The summoning circle serves as a conduit. It transforms your original genesis Letters into ZenChests which can then be burned for Denizens.

Approach the summoning circle and continue your journey…

Summon Now

Our Whitepaper


Looking for more information about our memberships, community, ZenAcademy team, and more? Head over to our Gitbook to access a wealth of ZenAcademy knowledge.

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